Top 10 Reliance Jio Upcoming Services in 2019

By | April 12, 2019

In 2016, 2017 & 2018, 2019, Reliance Jio rapidly expanded its market. India wants high-quality and low-priced things so Jio begins to help Indians and grow our business in India. According to, “Reliance Jio wants to take full control of digitization throughout India by 2020.” There are many Jio stormed in the telecommunications industry like Jio 4 G Sim, Jio T, Jio Music, Jio Cinema, Jio Security, Jio DTH, Jio Fiber, Jio 4 g Laptop, and many more.

Reliance Jio Upcoming Services in 2019 Highlights:

  • Jio Fiber
  • Jio DTH
  • Jio Broadband 
  • Jio Money
  • Reliance Jio 4G Phone
  • Reliance Jio 4G Laptop
  • Reliance Smart Home Products
  • Jio Cloud
  • Jio Prime TV
  • JioFi

so let we discuss Top 10 Reliance Jio upcoming services in 2019 like- Jio Fiber, Jio DTH, Jio Broadband, Reliance Jio 4G Phone & Jio 4G Laptop in detail.

1. Jio Fiber

The first we are about to discuss is Jio Fiber so please read carefully about this topic. After a successful project in the Indian internet market, Mukesh Ambani wants to develop the new service that is called as “Jio Fiber Home Service “. In this plan, Jio offers minimum 50Mb/s plan at the selected locations.  like- Mumbai, Bengaluru, etc.

Jio Fiber

  Here a short look at Jio Fiber plans for 30 days:

  • Jio Fiber 50 Mb/s Plan- Rs. 1500/-
  • Jio Fiber 100 Mb/s Plan- Rs. 2000/-
  • Jio Fiber 200 Mb/s Plan- Rs. 3500/-
  • Jio Fiber 400 Mb/s Plan- Rs. 4000/-
  • Jio Fiber 600 Mb/s Plan- Rs. 5500/-

2. Jio DTH

Here, many of the companies are providing DTH services for people. In that way, the JIO has started to provide the DTH services followed by their SIM. As we all know, the JIO SIM has given a massive effect on the market. Likewise, they are trying to give enticing offers to their customers in Jio DTH booking starting period.


Basic Features of Jio DTH Service:

  • 350+ Channels
  • 50 HD Channels
  • Jio DTH Set Top Box with cable channels as well as streaming services.
  • Cloud Storage for All Programs.
  • 6 Month Free JIO DTH Welcome Offer

Register Here: Jio DTH Booking

3. Jio Broadband

Many interesting offers and plans are introduced in the Jio Broadband services. In order to know more about the Jio broadband services, people can look after the features of the Jio broadband services. The main aim of Jio broadband is to entertain people by their different programs.

Jio Broadband

All Jio Broadband Plans for 30 days.

  1. 5 GB Daily Plan- Rs. 1000/-
  2. 10 GB Daily Plan- Rs. 2000/-
  3. 20 GB Daily Plan- Rs. 3000/-
  4. 40 GB Daily Plan- Rs. 4000/-
  5. 60 GB Daily Plan- Rs. 5000/-

4. Jio Money

These are a few features about the JIO Money services. If you are satisfied with these ideas, you can subscribe to the JIO network for getting the Money services. Till date, the official announcement for the Jio Money services is not informed. So, we have to wait for the proper notification.

Jio Money

Features of Jio Money:

  1. Forget Cash. Forget ATM. Pay digitally with Jio Money.
  2. Cashless Free living.
  3. Scan the QR code and go for it.
  4. Discount with offers
  5. Instant Repeat process

5. Reliance Jio Phone

After Jio DTH, people are continuously waiting for Jio 4G Phone notification from Mukesh Ambani. Later on, they can go for creating an account on it. If you want to avoid the crowd, you can also go for online booking to get the Jio 4G phone unit. All they want to do is that they have to wait for their proper announcement regarding the Jio 4G mobile services.

Reliance Jio 4G Phone

Jio 4G Phone Functions  Jio 999 Mobile Specification
 Camera  2 MP rear and VGA front
 Storage  8 GB (Internal+External)
 Battery  1800 mAh
 Keypad  T9 basic keypad
 4G VoLte  Jio Sim or Any SIM
Android OS  NO
 Wifi Thethering  Yes
 Bluetooth  Yes
 Wifi  Yes

Register Here: Jio Phone Pre Booking

Book Here Free Mobile: Jio Phone Booking

6. Reliance  Jio 4G Laptop

There are many laptop companies in the market that are only dependable on Wifi or Wifi-Hotspot or Dongle. To get rid of these small devices reliance will be released Jio 4G laptop. Jio 4G laptop working on Jio SIM so you can buy any plan in SIM and make enjoyable every day with 4G service.

Reliance Jio 4G Laptop

Jio 4G Laptop Specifications:

 Specifications  Specifications
Display Size  13.3 Inch
OS.  Windows 10 or Any
RAM  4 GB and 8GB
Hard Disk  64 GB and 128 GB
Processor Intel Pentium quad-core processor
Graphics  Yes
Price  Rs.24999/- to Rs.39999/-

Depend on RAM

Jio Sim  Supportable
Weight  1.2 KG
Web Camera  Yes
Warranty  1 Year

7. Reliance Jio Smart Home Products

After Google smart home project, Reliance Jio started working on it for a better smart home facility according to Indian economy because Google’s products are so costly. Before discussing the smart home Jio smart home project in detail first you should know about these products.

Reliance Jio Smart Home Project

  • Jio MediaShare App – Stream content from PC on mobile and other devices.
  • Reliance Jio Chromecast- Internet, Entertainment and TV Channels Together

Check Here: Jio DTH Plans & Welcome Offer

8. Jio Cloud

Cloud is virtual storage provided by any company without any hardware. If you want to access cloud storage then enter your ID and password and you must have the internet for cloud services. now we are talking about Jio Cloud services that are provided by Reliance to access the personal photos, videos, TV channels episodes etc.

Jio Cloud

9. Jio Prime TV

Jio prime TV is a better replacement of Amazon prime TV in the sense of money and service because if you Jio 4G SIM, Jio DTH & Jio broadband then only and only Jio prime TV better for you. Some of the companies are now working on these type of services but the main problem is village areas of India. they don’t have enough required latest TV for getting the service of JIO prime TV.

Jio Prime TV

10. JioFi

According to Jio Digital “JioFi is the best working device for non-4G phones like 2G, 3G for better speed.”. If you have non 3g phone and you don’t have enough money to buy JioFi then you should have this device. the cost of this device is very cheap so you can easily but it from reliance and online shopping websites.


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