Jio DTH Offers & Plans 2018, Get ” Jio DTH Welcome Offer “

By | January 1, 2017

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Many people are using the Jio Sim on their smartphones and they are also enjoying the exciting offers which are given by the network. Now, they have planned to provide the DTH service for television. When people think to apply on the Jio DTH offers, they would like to view the plans and offers given by the Jio Network. The offers of the Jio DTH services are more in number. And the cost of every offer will be less while compared to any other services.

Jio DTH Offers

Jio DTH Offers 2018

Therefore, people can go for using the DTH services without any issues. In the beginning, they may get the welcome offer. There they have to get the set to box and then, they can enjoy free DTH service for six months. And also, they may get around 360 channels along with 50 HD channels in it. For every DTH service, the customer has to pay more than Rs. 500 at the beginning time. But here, it is different. The customer must be paying around 250 – 300 per month.

Jio DTH Offer 1: 300+ Channels in 200 rupees.

Jio DTH Offer 2: 350+ Channels in 220 rupees.

Jio DTH Offer 3: 400+ Channels in 250 rupees

Jio DTH Offer 4: All full channels only in 400 rupees.

Jio DTH Offer 5: 220+ HD Channels in 230 rupees.

Jio DTH Welcome Offer: Get 3 month Jio DTH subscription free.

Jio DTH Dhan Dhan Offer: Recharge for 3 months and get 1 month free.

Jio DTH Prime Offers: Recharge for 6 month and get 3 month free.

Jio DTH Bonaza Offers: Recharge for 1 year and get 6 month free+100 rs cashback.

Jio DTH Plans

The lowest Jio DTH Plans will be around Rs. 180 – 200. They can easily get accessed with more than 300 channels along with the HD channels after using Jio DTH offers via coupon code websites. Jio is planned to merge up with US broadcasters so that it allows the stream of popular video games, English TV series also through the DTH service. The customer wants to get the Set Top Box at the primary stage. And they also have to know about some of the plans which are mentioned by the Jio DTH Services without fail. They are as follows.

  • Gold plan.
  • Silver plan.
  • RIL Jio Platinum pack.
  • My Plans (According to your needs).

Here, basic plan will be started from Rs. 185.

Jio DTH Booking Offers

The region wise Jio DTH offers list lare also followed.

  • Jio South Plans.
  • North Jio Plans.
  • East Plans.
  • West Plans.

Jio DTH Welcome Offer

Apart from these offers, some of the offer names along with prices are also specified in the Jio network that is Jio DTH welcome offer. They are given below.

Jio DTH Welcome Offer

Pack Name Price
Normal plan Rs. 49 – 55.
Sports Channels (With HD) Rs. 60 – 69.
Value Prime Channels Rs. 120 – 150.
Kids Channels Rs. 188 – 190.
My Family Plan Rs. 200 – 250.
My Plan Rs. 50 – 54.
My Sports Plan Rs. 159 – 169.
Big Ultra Plan Rs. 199 – 220.
Metro Plan Rs. 199 – 250.
Dhoom Plan Rs. 199 – 250.

Jio DTH Basic Home Pack

Ther are a lot of reasons to choose Jio DTH service because this service is very cheap and reliable. Jio DTH Basic Home Pack includes many channels like- 100 entertainment channels, 50 news channels, 21 sports channels, 23 kids channels, 40 movie channels, 13 cartoon channels etc.

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It has different facilities like inbuilt recording facility, connectivity with Jio fiber, 300+ channels in Jio DTH offers, minimum price Rs. 180 per month.

Jio DTH Features

  • You can save around Rs.100-200 per month because of Jio DTH offers.
  • USB Support
  • Cheapest DTH or cable TV service provider in India.
  • If you want to extend your channels then you must pay only for the used channels.
  • Bluetooth
  • According to Telecom Talk, Jio DTH also will be working on 4G so you can enjoy both internet and channels.
  • HDMI support- also used for Screen projector.
  • Wi-Fi
  • Jio DTH also have capability of 4K recording live streaming online.
  • Remote Control
  • Andriod TV

Jio DTH Online Order Booking Site

  • A lot of people are seeking for Jio DTH booking but there is no official notification for this to normal peoples.
  • If you want to Register for Jio DTH online order then comment below your details, our team helps as soon as possible.
  • First remember the Jio DTH booking official site that is
  • Then follow the procedure that is related to JIo DTH service.
  • Apply discount code before proceeding the Jio DTH offers.
  • There are alot of plans in Jio DTH so first clear about the plan that you want to buy.
  • For latest plans and news read our blog daily.

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Jio DTH Price

  • Normal Pack Price – Rs. 150 to Rs. 180
  • HD Channels Price – Rs. 200 to Rs. 220
  • My Family Pack Price – Rs. 210 to Rs. 250
  • My Sports Price- Rs. 158 to Rs. 188
  • Metro Full Pack Price – Rs. 200 to Rs. 220

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Thanks for reading this informative artilce. We promise you to update the further details regarding Jio DTH offers soon on our offical website.

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